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Karuna Krishna


As a photographer, I consider myself a perpetual immigrant — intrigued by the creation of culture and self-definition of identity. Most recently, I have been curious about my own response to loss and the finite nature of life. 

In the current series, the act of seeing becomes a tool — a way to joy through finding the ordinary, extraordinary. I believe we can retrain our thinking, so everywhere there is beauty to be found. It’s my antidote to the incessant news of disasters, losses, daily stresses, and a new sense of fragility. 


I share photographs taken on my walks. These photographs are intentionally small  — to be placed where you may chance upon them — a reminder that limitless space can be experienced in an everyday moment. 


My photography practice is deeply influenced by my background in design. I find delight in the interplay of form, color, and unexpected objects.


Giclée fine art prints on wood boards

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