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Lauren Sweeney

Lauren has been an avid observer of natural forms in watercolor throughout her career of scientific observation, teaching, and research. She is attracted to compositions with exuberant variations in shape, color, texture, and pattern. At the same time, her compositions are sparsely populated to create a serene visual world. She has been increasingly drawn in recent years to exploring compositions for the abstract shapes and patterns they contribute, while still rendering them in a realistic fashion. She works mostly in watercolor for the freedom it gives her to bring a work to life gradually with multiple layers of transparent washes. Sometimes details call for emphasis with pencil, pastel or gouache.

Over the last decade, Lauren has participated in in a number of shows in Philadelphia and environs. She has also done a number of commissions for both individuals and organizations; the longest association has been annual paintings for the Delaware Museum of Natural History of shells in their collection.

To view more of Lauren's work, you can visit her website here

Coming soon: Join us on Facebook for a live studio tour, to hear more about what she's been doing during the pandemic, a conversation on new art, and a Q&A session! 

Date: TBA


All prices include matting and framing

For more information or to purchase works, please contact the artist at or visit her website

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