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Emily Squires Levine

My lively polymer clay vessels and wall pieces reflect my delight in color and pattern.

While I have long been aware of these personal interests, it was my discovery and experimentation with polymer clay that led me to explore my creative capabilities. For me, my art is an ongoing evolution. Working with my hands from childhood on, then pursuing an unrelated career, gave way to workshops in polymer clay and the support and encouragement of artists as I found my path.

All of my work is created by using the Italian millefiori (Italian for “thousand flowers”) technique. Hand mixed colors of polymer are layered, creating patterns which run through the entire length of the “cane.” Cane slices of contrasting colors, patterns, and complexity are juxtaposed around a form and cured in an oven. Each vessel reflects the shape of the form but remains unique in its presentation.

I create botanical and floral fantasies in which space between trees and plants creates mini-landscapes within the vessel. The malleable nature of the medium allows expressive and fluid manipulation of the clay. Tiny repeated overlapping details suggest the density of living forms.

The results excite me; I am gratified to share them with others.

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